Teknik servis ve periyodik bakım yönetiminizi SRV365 ile dijitalleştirin!

Digitalize your service and periodic maintenance management with SRV365!

Bakım - Onarım Yönetimi

Maintenance - Repair Management

Manage and report your maintenance, repair and modification processes through a single portal!

Tedarikçi Yönetimi

Supplier Management

Manage all your service providers through a single portal, submit your requests instantly and digitally!

Operasyon ve Ekip Yönetimi

Operations and Team Management

Manage all your service operations with a single system. Easily track customer calls, service requests, contracts, tasks and materials assigned to your staff, and more!

Envanter Yönetimi

Inventory Management

Create all technical infrastructure in your facilities at once and track your technical inventory device by device! Document warranty periods and repairs for future reference!

Belge Yönetimi

Document Management

Digitally archive all your service and maintenance records. Avoid dealing with files and paper stacks. Prevent losses!

Takvim Yönetimi

Calendar Management

Schedule, organize, and track your periodic maintenance or planned services on a calendar. Receive advance notifications of upcoming actions and never miss any details!

Bütçe Yönetimi

Budget management

Track your annual maintenance and repair budget to the desired level of detail. Prevent budget overruns and unnecessary expenses!

Varlık Yönetimi

Asset Management

Manage your assets on a facility basis and instantly record all actions!

Free Trial!

You can try our free demo account to test all the features of the application for a period of 30 days. During this time, our expert team will be available to answer all your questions.

What is SRV365?

SRV365 tüm iş odağını #Çözüm üzerine kuran bir ekibin ürünü. 10 yılı aşkın tesis ve operasyon yönetimi tecrübesini sektörün tüm paydaşlarının kullanımına sunmak için SaaS (Hizmet Olarak Sunulan Yazılım) uygulaması olarak geliştirildi.

It is an integrated business process management program that brings together all stakeholders!

Why Digitization?

Hızla değişen ve dijitalleşen dünyada, tüm sektörlerde çok hızlı bir dönüşüm yaşanıyor. İnsan gücünün ve emeğin yoğun olduğu hizmet sektöründe dinamikleri değiştirerek analiz, hız, bütçe, müşteri deneyimi odaklı dijital bir yönetim sistemine geçmek artık kaçınılmaz bir ihtiyaç. Hem hizmet veren hem de hizmet alanları bu ihtiyaca uçtan uca çözüm sağlayan, entegre ve kullanıcı dostu SRV365 ile tanıştırmak istiyoruz!

Manage Your Service and Periodic Maintenance!

You can receive technical service calls online for offices, stores, buildings, factories, and any type of facility. You can forward the calls to the relevant solution partners and track the entire process, including the billing stage, through SRV365.

Save Budget!

With the infrastructure and customized reports provided by SRV365, a digital product born out of 10 years of facility management experience, you can utilize your budget more accurately and achieve savings by preventing unnecessary expenses.

Catch the Digital Transformation Trend!

SRV365, with its fast, easily accessible, and user-friendly structure, enables you to keep up with the digital transformation era. By moving all your technical service processes to a digital environment, you can bring all stakeholders together on a single platform and increase the efficiency of your business.

Why SRV365?

It is designed to meet the needs of users easily, improving their experience and accelerating processes.

Product of 10 Years of Experience

Developed as a digital product based on over 10 years of facility management experience, it is designed for the use of all stakeholders.

Mobile Application

You can access it from all smart devices 24/7 and you can make it available to all your stakeholders through the mobile application.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

All features are designed to simplify and streamline the work of busy technical operations professionals with a simple and effective interface.

Reporting and Analysis

In addition to pre-prepared report sets and comments prepared by the SRV365 team with industry experience, you can download all your data in .xsl format and create your own reports within minutes.

Who Can Use?

Service Area

Service provider

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Which Processes Can I Manage Here?

We offer improved, efficient, and flexible solutions that enhance existing processes and facility management methods.

In this way, we enable businesses to manage their facilities more effectively, increase productivity, and contribute to cost reduction.

Periodic Maintenance Management

  • Inventory-based maintenance management
  • Before and after photos
  • Assign work to team or supplier
  • Planning
  • View on calendar

Staff management

  • Performance KPI and SLA tracking
  • Work tracking on the basis of personnel
  • Job planning and payroll tracking

Service Request Management

  • Service forms with photos
  • Form security with 3D security
  • On-demand dialogue
  • Budget tracking and control
  • Assign work to team or supplier

Customer Management

  • Creating a customer portfolio
  • Contract tracking
  • Detailed reports and trend analysis

Budget management

  • Request budget approval procedures
  • Progress checks and approvals
  • Facility, location, period-based budget reports
  • Multiple bid collection

Inventory Management

  • Inventory inventory tracking of each facility
  • Inventory transaction history tracking
  • Matching with QRcode

Meet the Team!

We are a dynamic and visionary team consisting of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the facility and service management industry, as well as software developers who have worked on numerous process management software projects. 

SRV365’i geliştirirken kendi deneyim ve ihtiyaçlarımızdan yola çıktık. 

We continue to innovate with the goal of developing a platform that brings together the entire industry, provides seamless integration, and offers easy-to-use features that create value for our users.


User Experiences

I use SRV365 to track the operations and budgets of maintenance and service requests. This is a very useful application and increases our productivity. Additionally, being cloud-based allows us to access our data from anywhere. In summary, I think an application like SRV365 can be quite useful for businesses.

Fatih Keser

Non-Product Purchasing Manager @ Ebebek

As Intertek Fire and Security Systems, we use SRV365 in all our periodic maintenance and service requests. We manage our mobile teams via SRV365 and receive instant digital reports. After switching to SRV365, our operational efficiency and speed increased significantly. I definitely recommend it to businesses like us.

Tolga Gedik

General Manager @ Intertek Fire and Security Systems


Can I transfer my existing data to SRV365?

Yes, you can transfer your existing data to SRV365. The platform provides the capability to import your data and manage it within the system.

Can I export my data whenever I want?

Evet, SRV365’te kayıtlı olan tüm verileriniz .xlsx formatında dışarı aktarılabilir.

What advantages can SRV365 provide to my company?

SRV365 ile tüm süreç ve paydaşları tek platformda buluşturur, zaman ve maliyet tasarrufu sağlarsınız.

Do my customers incur any additional costs to use it?

The pricing structure for SRV365 may vary depending on the specific agreements or subscriptions. It is best to consult with the SRV365 team or visit their website to understand the pricing details and whether there are any additional costs for customers.

Does it have a mobile application?

Evet, SRV365 IOS ve Android marketlerde!

How do you ensure the security of my data?

SRV365 tüm güncel veri güvenlik sistemleri ile donatılmıştır. Verileriniz Microsoft Azure sunucularında güvenle tutulur.

Is it suitable for my business structure?

SRV365 dış kaynaktan hizmet alan ve müşterilerine hizmet sunan tüm sektör paydaşlarının ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak için esnek ve çok yönlü olarak tasarlandı.

What will happen to my data if I leave the system?

If you decide to leave the SRV365 system, you should have the option to export your data before discontinuing the service. It is recommended to clarify the data retention and export policies with the SRV365 team to ensure a smooth transition.

How will I access the system?

SRV365 online tabanlı bir SaaS ürünüdür. İnternet erişimi olan tüm cihazlarda web ortamında veya IOS ve Android uygulamalarımızdan 7/24 erişim sağlayabilirsiniz.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of SRV365 can vary depending on factors such as the size of your organization, the scope of usage, and any additional services or customizations required. It is advisable to contact the SRV365 team directly to discuss your specific needs and obtain detailed pricing information.